From Jones and Bartlett, a book on Stem Cells from Dr. Ann A. Kiessling and Scott C. Anderson:

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Scott Anderson is the editor and primary author of Science for People. He's been writing about science and technology for twenty years or so. Anderson thinks that everyone deserves a regular dose of the exciting news bubbling out of laboratories around the world. It's the perfect antidote to the mindless knuckle-dragging that marks so much of our lives. What these scientists come up with is often revolutionary, and may permanently alter the way you look at the world. Some of it might even save your life.

Anderson scours all the major journals, and tries to explain the research in something approaching ordinary English. It turns out that the ideas of science aren't that hard after all -- it's just the jargon that can make it impenetrable. Scientists talk to each other in very precise terms, which is essential to the progress of the field. Without such precision, it's pretty much impossible to replicate the results of an experiment, one of the most important underpinnings of science. Ironically, their exotic lingo sometimes flummoxes the scientists themselves. It's not uncommon to find two different groups working on the same thing without knowing it, simply because they've assigned different names to the object of their attention. That's why even scientists might want to peruse Science for People on occasion, just to see their ideas presented in a jargon-free format.

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